What else do you want from your weekend?
Here are some suggestions as to how to enhance your weekend.


We are located 15 miles west of Jordan Creek Mall.
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Shelly James, L.M.T. lives just a few blocks from the Craft Cottage in Van Meter!  Contact her prior to your visit to arrange for her to come to the Craft Cottage to give chair or table massages.  You can reach her at (515) 681-2124.  Shelly does a WONDERFUL job, and would be a fabulous addition to your visit.

What else is in Van Meter?

For a complete list of all that Van Meter has to offer, you can visit

Several of our guests have enjoyed a visit to our local bar and grill, Fat Randi’s. Fat Randi’s has been recognized for having one of the top 5 best tenderloins in the state.  Randi also has several clever quotes posted on the walls.  You never know when one of these might be appropriate for a scrapbook page! Curious to know the daily special?  Call them at (515) 996-9400.

Casey’s General Store Is located next to the Raccoon River at the entrance of town (as you come in from I-80). My personal favorite is their Taco Pizza.  The number is (515) 996-2983.

If any of you are baseball fans, you can also travel 4 blocks down Elm Street to see the Bob Feller Museum.  More information can be found out

Van Meter is also home to the DIY cable show B. Original.  Just a short 3 block walk will place you at the store front of the studio where this show is produced.  To find out more about what they do at the studio, check out their web-site at


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  • F 1/26/2018: Stamping Group
  • T 2/1/2018: Scrapbook Retreat
  • T 2/8/2018: Scrapbook Retreat
  • F 2/16/2018: Scrapbook Retreat
  • W 2/28/2018: Scrapbook Retreat
  • T 3/8/2018: Scrapbook Retreat
  • F 3/16/2018: Stamping Group

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