To make your reservation, simply do the following:

  • run your curser over the calendar to the left to see if the dates you are interested in are available
  • send us an e-mail, or give us a call to confirm the availability
  • once you have confirmed your date with us, we will request that you mail us a deposit to hold your date

It’s pretty simple, but if you have ANY questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The following are the HOUSE RULES for the Craft Cottage in Van Meter.  We ask that you follow them for the safety and comfort of all our guests.

During Your Stay

Check-in – Any time after 12:00 noon.  Check-out is by 2:00 p.m.  Modifications to check-in/check-out may be made if requested ahead of time, and if it does not conflict with any other scheduled rentals.

Smoking – No smoking is allowed in the house.  Please smoke outside, but do not throw butts on the ground or on any porches.

Heating Utensils – No candles, space heaters, electric blankets or any other potential fire hazard.  Heating tools used for embossing are allowed as long as they are unplugged and stored properly when not in use.

Any problems – An emergency telephone list will be provided for any problems that arise such as plumbing, electrical, gas, etc.

Telephone – There is currently no telephone available at the house due to the increase in cell phone usage.  If someone needs to contact you due to an emergency, they may call 515-669-4038.

Temperature/Thermostat – The house should be at a comfortable temperature for your arrival.  For your comfort, there is a thermostat located on the main level.  Feel free to adjust as necessary.

Parking – There is a limited number of parking spaces in the driveway of the house.  To minimize the number of cars parked at the Craft Cottage, please carpool when possible.  Please do not block the alley or sidewalk when parking.

Before You Leave The House

Cleaning – Please leave house as you found it.  A housekeeper does come in to clean the bathrooms, mop the floors, etc.

Food – Please do not leave any food in the cabinets, refrigerator or freezer.

Garbage – You do not need to take the garbage out when you leave.

Windows and doors – Close all windows and doors when you leave.  Although Van Meter is considered a safe, rural town, it is recommended that you close and lock all windows and doors at night.

Lights – Turn off all lights including lights outside.

Accidents – In the event that something gets broken, please contact us or leave a note so that it can be taken care of for the next guests.

Still Have Questions?

Please contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you.

We want you to have a wonderful experience at the Craft Cottage. 
If there’s anything we can do to help, just ask.


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  • F 1/26/2018: Stamping Group
  • T 2/1/2018: Scrapbook Retreat
  • T 2/8/2018: Scrapbook Retreat
  • F 2/16/2018: Scrapbook Retreat
  • W 2/28/2018: Scrapbook Retreat
  • T 3/8/2018: Scrapbook Retreat
  • F 3/16/2018: Stamping Group

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