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Feeling Brave?

Posted in Leslie's Blog, Author: leslie (February 24, 2011)

I’m a huge fan of Melody Ross.  I fell in love with her vintage-style (and humorous) embellishments this past fall.  When I started searching the web for more of her products, I discovered that she does ONLINE workshops.  I just completed one of her 6-weeks on-lines courses.  Not knowing what to expect, I’m glad to report that it was GREAT!

I now have a whole new love of paint and Mod Pog.  I’ve also discovered that we all have an artist inside of us, and that it’s a very good thing to let it out once in a while – maybe even as often as you can.

Check out Melody’s Brave Girls Camp site when you have a chance.  It’s good stuff.

Hope you have a chance to add some color to your life this week!

All the best to you – Leslie

That’s no pixie dust!

Posted in Leslie's Blog, Author: leslie (February 20, 2011)

dsc_0271My child brought home Valentine candy the other day.  One of the treats was a blast from the past: Lick-a-Stick.  I instantly thought of the summers spent at the neighboring town’s pool.  It was a double treat: swimming AND a candy concessions stand!

I don’t remember the stick part of the packet being the tastiest.  After all, it’s just meant to transport the colored sugary good stuff to your mouth.  But my kid decided to eat that part first.  He then proceeded to eat the pixie-stick-type candy with his fingers.

You may think, “That must have been some good green candy“, or you may think, “He looks like he’s transforming into the Incredible Hulk“.  But I swear to you – the original candy was blue!  Crazy.

So here’ wishing you two things this week:

1. Some unexpected color in your life, and

2. A “blast-from-the-past” memory that makes you smile.

Blessings this week to you and yours!


Trick or Treat – So Sweet

Posted in Leslie's Blog, Author: leslie (November 3, 2010)

trick-or-treat-2010Here is evidence that the sweetness of the photo totally overrides the fact that it’s a blurry picture.

My first-grader spent most of her trick-or-treat travels holding hands with two of her best buddies. (Can you give me an “awwwwwww” right now?)

Sometimes we cling to our friends because we need someone to help us overcome the fear we have in our venture. But sometimes we hold our friends close to us because we just want to share the fun. I am absolutely certain that the latter was the reason that the three amigos banded together on beggers night.

THAT, my friend, is why I scrapbook. Not to get the perfect picture, or to apply elaborate embelishments. I scrapbook to try and capture the love that my children are experiencing in the every-day moments of their lives. Precious. Simply precious.

Have a great day…make it even greater by reaching out and holding a friends’ hand.


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