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“Is scrapbooking really worth it?”

Posted in: Leslie's Blog, Author: leslie (August 26, 2011)

I know this might come as a shock to some of you, but occasionally I do say to myself, “Is scrapbooking really worth it?”  When I think of all the time I spend on a page (not to mention the money…please don’t tell my husband), I have on occasion wondered if it is a worthy investment.  That was, untill this past week.

You see, my dear sweet oldest daughter started middle school this year.  I’m finding that many mothers would agree that the transition to middle school, especially for girls, can be a stressful one.  Out of the respect of my daughter, I will spare you any details.  I should say that it hasn’t been horribly awful…just stressful.

Near the beginning of the school year – I’m not sure if it was before or after the first day – I discovered that Julia had pulled out some of her scrapbooks.  She was spending a lot of time looking at the first three years of her life (which happens to be three full albums).  She even asked me to sit and look at them with her.  And let me tell you, when a pre-teen asks their mom to spend time with them, that is PRICELESS.

While we were looking at the books, I had the pleasure of hearing my daughter say things like, “Oh, I remember that!”, and “I look like such a happy baby.”, and “That is so funny!”  Each time she looked at her albums she had a twinkle in her eye and often a smile on her face

So now I know the answer to my question, “Is scrapbooking really worth it?”  The answer is, “Absolutely!”

Here’s wishing you time to reflect on all of those wonderful memories you have made (and scrapbooked),


2 Responses to ““Is scrapbooking really worth it?””

  1. Nikki says:

    You are absolutely correct…..Love that Time!!! Enjoy….

  2. Linda says:

    It is so WORTH the time and money!!!!! Just wait until one goes to college comes back home for the Summer and spends an afternoon looking at his scrapbooks with you……….PRICELESS:) By the way Leslie……when are we going to SCRAPBOOK????????? Miss you:(

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