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Shop for the Cure

Posted in: Leslie's Blog, Author: leslie (July 30, 2010)

ry4007Do you know anyone that has dealt with breast cancer?  I have two family members who have been diagnosed and received treatment this year.  Yikes.

So when you find out someone you love is going through something like that, what do you do?  You pay more attention to the opportunities to help.

The same week that my niece was diagnosed with breast cancer, I met two gals at the CKC who have a some great ideas on how to raise money for cancer research.  And of course, one of the ideas is related to scrapbooking.  Love it!

I think it’s best to describe what they do by showing you a direct quote from their website:

“…In January of 2010 my sister, mom and I decided to support a cause and committed to raising money for a disease that unfortunately touches so many of us, breast cancer. We signed up for the Charlotte, NC Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in October when we will lace up our walking shoes and walk 39.5 miles over the course of two days. In order to hit the pavement we each must raise a minimum of $1800.00! To help us get there the proceeds of X’s & O’s sales will go to our fundraising efforts.”

ry4006The photos in this posting are pictures of the scrap bags that they sell for only $20 + shipping.  They are beautiful, good-sized, well-made fabric bags.  Ya can’t put yer chewed gum in ’em, but you can fit quite a bit of “scrap garbage” created by your scrapbooking, quilting, or general crafting

Please check out their website, and feel good about making a purchase that will support a good cause.

Blessings to your day, and best wishes for good health to you and your family,


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