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Good times with CKC

Posted in: Leslie's Blog, Author: leslie (July 12, 2010)

I had a chance to participate in the CKC (Creating Keepsakes) Convention this weekend.  There were classes to attend, a vendor faire, and a load of new products to see.

The scrapbooking world is sometimes a small and cozy place, because just as I sat down in one of my classes, I looked over to see two friends from a church that I used to attend.  I grabbed a seat next to them, got caught up on what’s going on in their life, and made a few cards while we had good conversation.

Throughout the day I ran into SEVERAL people I knew.  It was a day of scrapbooking and seeing old friends.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

I do have to share a couple of COOL COOL COOL items that were at the convention:


Post-It has come out with scrapbook paper.  The ENTIRE back of the paper is the same adhesive as you have on post-it notes.  It’s fabulous for making cut-outs that you think will be difficult when it comes to applying adhesive.hcchipboardladiescopy-12

I’m in love with the new GCD Melody Ross HOMESPUN COLLECTION.  It crosses grandma’s classy style with a modern woman’s sense of humor. WAY fun.


At least 2 of my friends bought “The Freeze Frame”.  It’s a clear sticky sheet that lets you pick up all of your scrapbook pieces off your page at once – put all your adhesive on at once – then put everything down in the same original spot.  If I hadn’t already gone over budget, I would have gotten one too!

Now I need a little time to go through all the goodies I brought home with me.  You can be assured that I’ll be telling you about MORE great products and sights to check out. 

Blessings to your day!


2 Responses to “Good times with CKC”

  1. Diane Spahr says:

    I wanted so much to go to the convention but my scrapbooking buddies could not go and I did not want to go by myself. You confindenced me that should not make a difference. I am sure I would have found someone I knew and if not I could shop and scrap all alone. Thanks for the motivation – I will be there next time!

    Thanks also for the shopping tips. Sounds great. Diane

  2. kathy warren says:

    My sis and I were there too, and we had a great time. We too were WAY impressed with the Freeze Frame. In fact, we each bought the 12 x 12 and the smaller one (8×8 I think). I have only used mine once so far, but sister Caroline used hers the entire evening at the Friday night crop. We love it! these two gals from South Dakota thought up the idea and are trying to market it themselves. We are hoping that they got some good exposure at the convention and will see an increase in their sales because of it. Sister Caroline and I are registered for the Oct CKC Convention in Kansas City and are really looking forward to it.

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